• Ajax


    This Achaean looks war-torn scarred, and gazes about with a command and absolute authority that perfectly illustrates his position as General.
  • Akademos


    Akademos is tall, muscular, and has a dark complexion. He often looks at people with a grin that reveals his rebellious and cunning nature.
  • Alcmene


    The new Anax of the Great House of Orpheus
  • Angantyr


    This Ymir is massive but also fit and laughs with a sonorous and boisterous voice. On his back is a massive warhammer that is scratched and worn from age and use.
  • Anya Eriksdotter

    Anya Eriksdotter

    Something about this soot-covered, oil-soaked woman is both endearing and frustrating, and she talks faster than anyone can listen.
  • Bias


    One of the three princes of Mecone, Bias stands tall with an angry look and an ambitious air about him.
  • Bjornolfr


    This man looks about the room with a critical eye, as though keeping a mental note of everything. He bounces on his feet slightly, ready to run and disappear in a moment's notice.
  • Deiphontes


    Rich purple robes, immaculately clean clothes and skin, and a general air of superiority surround this Achaean like a cloak. Most do not talk to him, and he would keep it that way.
  • Heinrik


    The Thrall looks iconic, his eyes wide and yellow, his body thin and anemic. He isn't quite at death's door, which indicates his position as a Great House Thrall.
  • Hlod


    Commander Hlod wears the regalia of distinguished service and stands tall as a warrior.
  • Ivar


    This rotund individual has a different look to him that most attribute to growing up in a border-town. He is jolly, laughs loudly, and usually has some animals blood splattered on his cooking smock.
  • Kjeld


    "Think of a Warlord from the legends, now give him form in our age. That is Jarl Kjeld.
  • Kormak


    "His is the soul of our House; duty, honor, and brilliance. I would trust Kormak to beat down Odin if I but asked." -Akademos, about Kormak
  • Laërtes


    Thoughtful, quiet, and pensive, Laërtes looks about with a resigned sense of observation. When he speaks, others listen, though he speaks quietly.
  • Ljotur


    "Well, I can't sing anymore and no one really knows my name, but gods be damned if I'll just give up. That isn't how these stories end." -Ljotur
  • Megaera


    She appears in the prophetic dreams of Geirulfr and vague mentions whispered in dark shadows. No one knows what she looks like.
  • Minos


    "Minos? Aye, he's crazy, he is. One day he smells like rotten eggs, the next like roses. Still, I trust his words, when I can understand the bleeding sot." -Orpheus guard, on Mions
  • Narcissus


    He wears a grand captain's coat and carries several weapons, including a blunderbuss slung on his back, and looks about with a grin, waiting for anyone to challenge him.
  • Rhadamanthys


    Keen, cunning, bureaucratic, charming are all qualities that people attribute to Tiresias' eldest son. He looks meant to rule.
  • Tyndareus


    Charismatic, handsome, commanding, and quite pompous, this Achaean seems almost born into arrogance.
  • Weohstan


    "Give him a knife and he'll throw it between yer eyes. Give him a bow and he shoot ye through the throat. Give him a gun, well, I don't want ta see what he'd do." -Unknown guard, on Weohstan