Harald Svamp

Past his peak grumpy ranger.


- Agility D10
- Smarts D6
- Spirit D4
- Strength D6
- Vigor D6

- Stealth D10
- Shooting D10
- Notice D6
- Tracking D6
- Survival D6
- Climbing D6
- Swimming D4
- Fighting D6

- alertness (notice bonus of +2)
- fleet footed (pace bonus of +2, D10 when running)

- Major Vow
- Minor Cautious
- Minor Stubbornness
- Minor Judgemental
- Minor Martyr

Inventory (Carrying Capacity 30)
- 3 Winter Clothes
- 1 Winter Boots
- 1 Dagger
- 3 Bow
- 2 Quiver
- 2 Backpack
- 2 Canteen x 2
- 1 Whetstone
- 5 Trail Rations
- 2 Net
- 2 Grappling Hook
- 5 Rope
- 1 Flint


Early Life:

A fifth generation Meconian, an only child born to a forager mother and ranger father, in many ways he followed in their footsteps. He was raised in House Orpheus itself, but spent an unusual amount of time in the wilderness outside of the city. He developed amazing abilities to conceal himself and shoot game, but became isolated from other children his age who had more traditional upbringings.


Youth was not a happy time for Harald as his father suffered fatal dysentery and his mother fell in to the sea shortly afterwards. He was taken in by the staff of The House and put to work as an apprentice ranger, which gave him salvation. Immediately he outclassed his older fellow apprentices and impressed everyone with his skills, however his tutors sensed that they did not have his full respect, which was in fact true – Harald had reservations about their techniques and felt their authority was unjustified. He was also became disdainful to those he regarded as immature and preoccupied by trifling matters. Harald formed relationships outside of the forestry with: Laomedon’s personal chef, for whom he would forage ingredients; the housekeeper of Orpheus, who kept him in check; and Brother Eldjárn, with whom he would seek spiritual guidance.

Early Adulthood:

A defining moment came during a routine survey of the forest with a party of Rangers and apprentices. All were gathered round the campfire in anticipation of lunch, except for Harold who had taken quiet exception to something. Unexpectedly the survey party was attacked by a handful of tough orcs, the startled rangers fought for their lives, but lost in a gruesome haze of swinging axes and bloodied clubs. Harald watched the whole thing from his hiding place. Once the Orcs were done looting the bodies and were repacking their bags, Harold fired an arrow in to the back of the leader’s head. The party of orcs went wild, but couldn’t find Harold. The frenzy died down and they prepared again to leave, Harold again fired straight in to the skull of an orc. Again the orcs went wild, slashing down vegetation, desperately trying to find the source of the attack, and when they couldn’t dispersed with haste. Harold hid for another 24 hours before making his way back to Mecone. The military unit dispatched to investigate corroborated Harold’s versino of events; the survey groups’ bodies were buried in the woods; the orc leader’s severed head delivered to Harold; and his apprenticeship prematurely concluded.

Middle Age:

As a ranger, Harold become known as a stealthy and lethal marksman, highly valuable to the forestry and on a few occasions dispatched on military assignments. Despite racking up an impressive service history, his career did not live up to it’s prodigal beginnings. Colleagues found it hard to relate to Harold, and this led to less skilled but more personable rangers being appointed to strategic positions ahead of him. Harold began to tire of the forestry and started hanging around the docks, rubbing shoulders with sailors and vagrants to pass the time hearing about foreign lands.


Harold has no family, few friends, and works mostly alone nowadays. He lives in a single room with antlers, tusks and other trophies mounted on the wall; there is a fireplace, fur bedding, his dried fungus collection in jars, custom made skillets from Brother Eldjárn, and an orc skull adorning the mantlepiece. He lives alone, cooks for himself and washes his own clothes. He enjoys adding to his fungus collection and bothering Akademos’ personal chef for ingredients, but apart from that he takes little enjoyment from Mecone, and wonders what else he could have done with his life.

Harald Svamp

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