Haralds' Log 1

Akademos dead, who could have done this?

Alas, I have no idea, and it seems whoever does is not making themselves known. My heart is heavy with this, and my life is diminished of any purpose it had left… except to bring the murderers to slow justice. I’m not sure I trust Kormac. He’s either an idiot or a traitor, probably an idiot, I certainly have no strong cause to suspect him other than my gut given distaste. We agreed to start war with the Jotun, which is wrong. I abstained from the vote, they were going to do it anyway.

Our party travels to the new mining project of our allies, where we hope for some insight and advice as we confide the fate of our leader. I travel apart from the group, I prefer the cover of my own stealth, but keep with them from a safe distance.

The scene at the cave entrance was forboding. I waited outside with uncle Eldjarn and that magic pest. Eventually they went in. Goblins were discovered, but Eldjarn held it down, the housecarl ended up in a bad way. Eventually Eldjarn came to get me and insisted I stay with the party, I’d have rather remained where I was, but one must respect ones elders. If they want me in I’m in, they must think we are exiting the cave from elsewhere.



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