The Researchers

Ljotur felt overwhelmed by the magnificence and size of the Temple to Athena. Much of the temple became dedicated to the accumulation of knowledge many hundreds of years ago, as the world started to move away from the warring tribal era dominate from the previous age. The temple is now probably the largest of all the temples, namely out of necessity. Along the walls are stacks of books, all handwritten of course, and there are shelves and shelves of books, scrolls, maps, and other such documents. Ljotur and two other Ymiron walked into the temple under escort from two Achaean guards who maintain the library-temple. Kormak’s special writ to enter the library worked better than any one could have hoped.

The day was wearing out, and while Ljotur and his researchers were allowed to stay in the library for as long as they wished, once they left, they would not be coming back. As such, with nothing to take back, all three shook their heads and continued to read by candlelight. They were given a significant amount of privacy, which helped them talk amongst themselves, though they still spoke in hushed tones and whispers.

“I don’t understand what we’re looking for, Ljotur. Shouldn’t the heir already be found? Why do we need to do so much research?” Ljotur took a moment and calmed himself down. He was tired and it was late, his long braided gray hair dragging on the table. The other two were good and loyal men, both smart and (the most important) literate, but as is often the case with youth, they were impatient.

“Not all Achaeans are destined to rule on the Council. When a family has children they know aren’t going to enter into the political arena, sometimes their children are left out of the genealogical records. As such, we might be able to find some distant relative. Now, if you have nothing else important to say, continue reading.” The three men continued to read through records of everything they could; birth, death, military accomplishments; everything.

Ljotur looked at the shortening candle with some disdain. I believe we’ll find something. We must find something, gods damn Loki-cursed spawn! It promised to be a long night, and perhaps even another, even longer day.



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