Devin Secret 4

After you return from Folkvangr

Minos finds you standing by Alcmene in the hall and calls you over to him. He looks agitated and impatient; unusual qualities for the alchemist that always laughs and smiles.

“Ixy? Im a favour te ask. Im heded ta the Alqemissed guild und I need sommat bigger und strongar than me. Ken ye come with?”

You have always found the alchemist difficult to understand, as his language was so much more influenced by the Thralls accent that others, but still you get the point Minos seems to be making.

“Minos, I’m sure there are others…” Minos throws his hands into the air and looks disappointed.

“Ack, don’t ye try yer platitudes on me, boy. A’coarse there’r others, ye daft ape! I want ye ‘owever. Ye won’t try sommat sillie nonsanse, und ye are better at guarden than others! So I want ye und nawn else.”

I’m sure that my highest priority right now should be to stand guard by the anax. But there’s something about the way Minos is acting. There’s something possibly wrong, some potential issue that could come up at the guild. Whatever it might be, it seems important when Minos is asking for my help alone, and is seeming so impatient. I should stay. I know I should stay…. But I have to know what’s happening at the guild. I need to know what might be the problem. As guilty as I feel, I can’t be swayed. The other Huskarls will have to hold things together for a day (or so).

—“Alright Minos. When shall we depart?”


Minos turns and scurries away, moving faster than you really expected. Without much warning you head off, curious to see what Minos is on about. Outside the hall, Minos picks up a bag full of stuff that clinks and clangs, the bag placed carefully by the hall doors, as though he was expecting you to agree. Whatever Minos is up to, you felt certain that he had some strange plans.

Minos walked into the Alchemist guild with a sense of purpose and you reluctantly decide to follow him. He had been quiet up until now, so what he intended to do, only the gods know. Minos walked up to one of the guards inside a small lobby and got his attention.

“Git me Master Jorgan ’ere right eway.” The guard looks at Minos curiously and starts to object. “What in the name of-”

“Ye stop wit yer shtallin, ye thrice-curs’d fool! Git me Master Jorgan! Now!” The guard left and Minos turns to you and winks. “Always esier win ye yell lauder.”

After a few minutes, a tall and opulent Ymiron walks towards Minos. He looks older and distinguished and looks at Minos with a large amount of disdain. “Minos, I thought I told you not to come here ever again.”

“Aye, Jorgsy, ye did.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Anyway Jorgsy, what Im ’ere fer is this.” Minos opened his bag and started taking out various vials and flasks, boxes of reagents and leaves, and other things. Even Jorgan didn’t quite know what was going on.

“Ye know what all this is?” Jorgan ignored Minos for a moment as he surveyed the assortment of things. He finished and looks at Minos skeptically.

“I assume you believe my alchemists are responsible for this?” Minos threw his hands into the air, turning away slightly in exaggerated exasperation. “Ye know what this is. Who else cood git all this? Who else cood make these poisons? Naught many, but sev’ral ‘ere, that’s fer sure!”

“These are serious accusations, Minos.” Minos ignored Jorgan and continued talking as he takes out some paper. “Und Iv abtained sommat paperwerk from the Merchant’s Gild. Aye, fi-nantial rekords of yer alqmissed buying these exact itims. Und luk ‘ere! This tranz’ction kemplet’d by Eilif te Antenor, the veri saim alqmissed who admitt’d ta killing Akademos! Und Eilif, that seedy bag o’ sheit, baught these itims fram an ’undisklaused saurce in the Reykjavik! ’ow much more do ye want?” As Minos talks, his accent becomes worse and his words more incomprehensible, but Jorgan seems to take these things seriously. Minos breathes heavily after his tirade and doesn’t seem to notice the multiple guards approaching with their hands on their swords.

“Minos, I suggest you leave. And leave your things with you, as well.” Jorgan says, his voice threatening and his eyes sharp. “Guild master?” Minos sounds almost broken, amazed that so respectable a person would seemingly resort to this. Minos looks to you for suggestions.

You walk towards Jorgen a few steps, filling the gap between he and Minos. “I’m afraid this is far too serious a matter for me to walk away without explanation.” You speak without threat or pretense; it is a simple fact. Jorgan looks notably concerned and the guards tense. Minos stands beside you, unwavering.

“You… you dare threaten me? I am the head of the Alchemist’s Guild!”

“Und ye’ll answer fer the death of an Ackaen soon, Jorgsy. I sugjest ye co-ah-peraet.” Jorgan backs off and begins sweating.

“Guards! Remove these upstarts.”

“Jorgan is my prisoner now and anyone standing in my way will die. You all are working for murderers and this is your last chance to do the right thing. Give up the guild master.” You slowly draw you blade as you speak, as do the guards. Minos takes out a small dagger and looks very nervous, but seems to trust in your ability to handle five guards.

“Ah ta Hel with him, let’s take him boys!” Cries one of the guards. No one moves.

“Look brother, just walk away from this and no one gets hurt,” one of the guards says to you. You look at him apathetically. None of the guards stand comfortably or seem to have much knowledge about combat. They look nervous and know they are outmatched, but numbers give them safety. Jorgan does not move, afraid that fleeing will be the death of him.

“Look, maybe he’s right. What if some of the alchemists killed an Achaean and we get in their way? We’ll be charged for treason, or worse!”

“Shut it, Rolf.”

“No, I won’t shut it! I have a family, I can’t be tried with treason!” Rolf backs away and sheathes his weapon. You nod at him and look at Jorgan.

“Master Jorgan, you will tell us everything you know about Akademos’ death, now.” You sound calm and that makes everyone all the more concerned. Jorgan looks nervously at the guard that seems to be the bravest. “I, I’m don’t know anything about it, but-”

“Die!” The guard runs at you from the side, but isn’t very fast and doesn’t attempt to strike in a quick or surprising motion. The other guards don’t move. Without much effort, you smash the pommel of your weapon into his chest, a resounding crack making the others back away. The guard crumbles, breathing heavily and you look back at the rest. The others sheath their weapons and leave, Jorgan sweats and backs up, but does not run.

“All right, let’s just all calm down. I don’t have anything to do with your Lord’s death. I admit, when I saw the ingredients, it felt strange and out of place,”

“Outa place? Yer alqmissed don’t git that stuff efen fer unusal projekts! Outa place? Ye shuld know what yer alqmissed are up ta!” Jorgan raises his hands in a defensive, calming gesture.

“I know, but there are many who work here, and I don’t control them, I just run the place!”

“Who is behind these purchases?” You ask, the sword still held solidly in your hand.

“From the signatures and items, I would guess Varin and Telsa. But-”

“Take us to them. Now.” Jorgan looks at you and then your sword and nods. He leads you through the Guild hall to one of the laboratories which is Telsa’s main lab. It is empty. “I, I don’t know where she is. I’m sorry, this is the college, I don’t know or care what people do provided it doesn’t negatively impact us.” You raise your sword and say “next” quietly. Jorgan proceeds.

Varin’s laboratory is a bubbling series of beakers and pots and Varin stands near one, measuring out a liquid carefully. He doesn’t look up but continues measuring with a steady hand and a careful eye. “Yes Guild Master?”

“Varin, these men are here from House Orpheus about some suspicious purchases you made some time—” Varin drops his beaker and looks up with fright, turning quickly to leap out the window.

“We git a ranner!” Minos flings his dagger before you can leap forward to stop Varin and the dagger slams into the back of his leg. Varin howls in pain as Minos runs up and pours some liquid into his mouth, shutting it and holding him down until he swallows. “Shh, itlbe easier if ye don’t shtruggle. Quiet now, ye daft fool. Quiet.” As Varin ingests the liquid, his body starts to go limp and soon he is unconscious. Minos looks at you and then at Jorgan.

“So, whut we dooin with ’im?”

“We take him to Alcmene.” You sheath your weapon and sling Varin’s unconscious form over your shoulder. Jorgan starts to protest but thinks better of it and Minos escorts him out of the Guild. With that, you both return to House Orpheus, feeling both proud of your accomplishments and worried about what you might find.

Devin Secret 4

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