Famous Quotes

“I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite… LINE?!” -King Rolf

“This Jotun is different. It will never sleep, it will never eat, and it will never stop.” -Jotunphobia


“I am a slave! What possible difference can I make? I can’t even make poops!” -Revenge of the Thralls

“You were my brother Thrall-kin! I loved you, even though Thralls don’t feel love!” -Revenge of the Thralls

“Being king isn’t so hard. You just wave and tell everyone what to do all the time!” -King Rolf

“In peace, I loved my neighbor and helped him with his farm. In war, I killed his children and took his food. This is life for the Ymiron.” -Warlord Kjardish, ancient Ymiron from before the Achaeans arrived.

“In war, victory. In peace, vigilence. In death, valor.” -The Code of the Warrior

“First to Zeus, second to your King, third to your Lord, and last to yourself.” -Inscribed oath of Seidhrmenn on the gate into the Ephebeia.

“I do not intend to wage war on our city. I do not intend to fight our brothers and sisters. But if they bring a fight to us, I will defend my House and my family until my dying breath!” – Alcmene

“Struggle against enemy, provide for family, honour thyself and thy gods” – Unattributed Proverb

“Stand back… I’m doing science.” -Anya Eriksdotter

Famous Quotes

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