Joe Secret 3

Alcmene had called you into her office early in the morning after Antenor’s death. She stood leaning against her desk, dressed in her armor and looking tired. She appears to have not slept in several days and absently looked out of a window as you walk in. Alcmene raised her head and looked up at the ceiling for a moment, waiting for you to close the door.

“Tell me about Akademos, Harald. I know so little of him.”


Alcmene looks tepidly over at you and then back to her window. She pauses, blinking slowly. “Will you not inform me why Akademos was so beloved by his men? I ask only for the chance to prove myself half of what he was, but cannot do so without knowledge of who he was.”

Angrily Harald responds “I tell you he would be one of the only Anax to accept a woman in power, and he would never have killed that suspect.”

Alcmene frowns. She seems to be lost in thought as she responds, talking as though to no one in particular, in a reminiscent manner. “Up until now, life has been simple for me. There were no shadows, no plots to uncover. Enemies were slain without hesitation or thought and we roamed the country-side doing good, or so we believed. Kormak also chastised me for killing our prisoners.”

Pause. “The simple life is all I’ve ever wanted.” Harold shuffles and readjusts his tunic. “Akademos judged each person and situation on merit, a worldly man that managed to transcend the bickering politics of Meconne. He lived for progress, for understanding… but I don’t know what he died for. But you are leader of the house now, what we stood for may change… and I’m undecided whether I am with you”.

“‘Remember me not as a king that fought with his nation, but as a king that fought with his heart.’ Thank you Harald, that will be all for now.” Alcmene’s quoting of King Rolf is a surprise, and she said the line with kindness and admiration, but she turns her back to you as she looks out upon the Inner City. Sunlight dances among the surfaces of the temples and Council Chambers and her hand rests calmly on her sword. She waits.

Joe Secret 3

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