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You remember the feeling of amazement and wonder you felt the first time Akademos took you to a banquet inside the Inner City. The marble walls, the beautiful and ornate statues, the gold-trimmed dresses and intricate jewelry; it was almost too much. You even forgot (but only for a moment) the ballad you were to play, the ostentation of it all took you aback. You imagine your face even looked something like your wife’s face, right now, as she stared around the hall of the Temple of Dionysus. The Temple of Dionysus is the most common building for banquets, social gatherings, and even a common area to perform plays, though there are several amphitheaters that are more popular. For tonight’s banquet, it is glamorously decorated and gives pause even to the noble Achaeans who have been here before.

“Be calm, my love. There is no need to fret so much, you are an honored guest of Akademos: one of the Council members and a noble of high respect and authority. Stop worrying about your hair.” Your wife is understandably nervous; there are not very many other Ymirons in the hall. Typically, you are one of a handful and tonight is no different. You are getting some strange looks, which you explain is quite ordinary, as you sit down at your table.

Akademos walks in and strolls towards the table, meeting other Achaeans and shaking their hands with a cordiality that belies his uncompromising nature. You’ve seen Akademos defy orders and decrees; you know Akademos smiles quickly so that he can disarm his opponent. It is a quality you appreciate about the man, even if you hope to never experience it. He approaches the table. You and your wife stand quickly and bow, a gesture he returns with a smile.

“Mr. and Mrs. Amundsen. A pleasure to have you grace our halls this evening. Dag, I expect you will demonstrate why we are called House Orpheus tonight?” You nod and laugh. “Of course, my lord.”

The evening passes on. You sing to the group of adventures of the Amazonian Queen, Alcmene and someone calls for the ballad of Freyr Eriksdotter. As usual, applause fills the halls of Dionysus and the great statue of his visage seems to smile in approval. You take your seat as the main course comes out feeling hungry and ready to eat. The main course is a lamb dish (a most unusual meat for you and your wife) and it is delicious. While you eat, another noble talks to Akademos and you find yourself listening in on the conversation.

“I’m not asking if you like them, I’m asking if you think it’s appropriate, Akademos! This is King Tiresias’ day of ascension; is it appropriate to inform him that you think such company worthy of his presence and praise?” The man talking was an elderly Achaean you recognize as Xenophanes, one of the stalwartly ‘old-minded’ nobles.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I believe they are just as worthy as we are.” Xenophanes looked at Akademos incredulously, somewhat taken aback by his statement. “But… but, Akademos, we are-”

“The leaders and the rulers, but not so far above Ymirons that we should disdain their presence. What would we lead without them? We would be kings of empty space, all our commands bound up by nothing and we the laughingstock of the Gods. So yes, Xenophanes, they are just as worthy as us, because though we lead them, they chose to follow.”

The conversation stopped and Xenophanes refused to look at Akademos for the rest of the evening. You found yourself smiling and thankful you served Akademos and not Xenophanes. You look over at your wife. She is done with her food and has taken to surveying the area, looking at all the people, the fashions, the flair. She watches with amazement as King Tiresias walks out and sits at his throne, all the people in the great hall standing for his excellence. It is a good night.

Matt Secret 1

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