Matt Secret 2

As you return to Mecone:

Hilda Amundsen paced around her room. Dag had been gone for five days, longer than he was supposed to be gone, and the whole affair felt ominous. She had been having strange dreams of shadowy figures, claws reaching out from dark corners, and plagued animals walking around the outskirts of the city. Each night she awoke in a sweat, wishing her husband was nearby and praying to Tyr to grant him strength and guidance. But just a few minutes ago, she had received a knock at the door.

“My lady! My lady Hilda, I have news for you!” It was Norvic, one of her servant boys. He was a young Ymiron who seemed incapable of growing bigger and more capable for battle, so he was being trained by the Skalds, the cooks, the women, and the advisers to take a more passive, mercantile, and advisory position. Hilda let him into the room and he squeaked with excitement. “What news?”

“As you requested, I’ve been on the lookout for master Dag. He arrived just now with a cart, and many of the people looked bloodied!” Hilda turned and grabbed her neck, color draining from her face. She thought that perhaps her dreams were prophetic and Dag had been taken.

“But, my lady, Dag is there and seems unharmed. They said something about goblins!” Hilda turned quickly to look at the boy. He wasn’t lying. This disturbed her immensely, but if Dag was unharmed from his encounter with goblins…

“Isn’t this exciting?” Norvic looked about the room as though there might be goblins hiding in some dark corner or chest. Hilda, her fears escalating, could not take his adventurism. “Shut your mouth! Do you think those monsters are fun? They are foul creatures that kill our men, women, and children, and they would take you to some dark hole and eat you alive! Does that sound exciting, master Norvic?”

“N…. no ma’am.” Norvic looked down at the ground in shame, a few tears falling from his face. Hilda shook her head. “All right, go attend to your duties, young master Norvic. We’ll continue your education tomorrow.” Norvic ran off, happy to hide his face.

Hilda leaned against her window and looked out on the frozen plains of Skarragh rock. Goblins, she thought. Gods, what next? Perhaps Dag and I should leave this city…

Quietly, Hilda prayed to Freyja.

Matt Secret 2

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