Matt Secret 3

You sit down across from Alcmene. She seems to have settled down from her meeting with the Council (which you assume did not go well, considering her demeanor), and she looks tired but maintains a certain air of control.

“You wished to know my background I believe, master Skald?” Alcmene nods and positions herself comfortably.

“Of course! I would not be a dutiful Skald if I did not know the heroic accomplishments of my Lord.” Alcmene tells you her story and has tea brought up for herself and you. She sips it absently while she talks, becoming more animated and alive as she continues talking.

“It was discovered that I had the gift of god’s power early in my life, so I was sent to the Ephebeia when I was very young. My guardian considered this a good thing as I had no parents, and thus no structure. At the Ephebeia, I committed myself to the studies, mastering them quickly and graduating at the age of sixteen. I was fit, ready to see the world, and given an enormous amount of freedom, but a small amount of money. My family… was not rich. I decided to see the world instead of stay in Mecone and watch my lineage decay. After four years of adventuring, your House contacted me.” Alcmene paused, wondering if that was enough. It was not.

“Why don’t you tell me about some of your adventures? They sound exciting enough!” She smiles.

“All right. There was once when I had traveled far to the East and was hunting a group of bandits in the Fiskiedi plains. They had taken some horses from a breeder in the Saana Fell and we were trying to return them. It was me and four Ymiron, two of which were hunters from the Fell. We found the bandits, but they were many and we too few. So we made a plan. Three of the Ymiron’s circled around the camp in the dead of night and the fourth positioned himself near me. Then, I was near the horses, and I began to make lightning shoot from my hands as though a raging storm had fallen upon them. It was taxing for me, and eventually I collapsed for a moment, but I filled the sky with the vengeance of Hera, scaring the horses to the point of rioting. In the confusion, the Ymiron hunters ran in and killed most of them without retaliation, so confounded were they. By the time I came to, my guard was fending off three bandits, and I lept into the fray, my head pounding and my breath taken. The evening was over, and all the bandits were dead. Unfortunately, I could not save my guard, he valiantly protected my unconscious self until such time as I could awaken. I still honor his memory privately every year.”

Alcmene tells you several other stories, all them both tragic and heroic.

Matt Secret 3

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