Matt Secret 4

The day after you return from Folkvangr

Dag was attending a meeting at the Pinnacle, the Performer’s guild Theater in the Commercial district. These meetings often involved mead, singing and writing, dancing, and other casually creative endeavors, typically ending with a few hurried minutes of reporting and work. Dag, as was usual, was having a great time and sharing some of his recent stories, swapping laughs and drinks quite easily, when someone mentioned the death of Eilif, the merchant whom Kormak had suspected of conspiracy.

“Oh, he was an odd one. Made all manner of strange deals, I’ve heard, and none know what pots of honey he had his hand in.” Curious, Dag began to inquire more and started to gather information on the suspicious merchant.

“I heard he met covertly with some other merchant in the guild by the name of Mjanir. He’s also a wily one, he is, making deals that no one believes will work and then, poof! Money outta the sky and everything moves on. Without any questions, o’course.”

Dag had been drinking a little, it was the middle of a fine day, and he was already in the Commercial district. He wondered if perhaps he should pay this Mjanir a visit…

Matt Secret 4

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