The Great House of Agamemnon

The Great House of Agamemnon is a money lending house

one of the premier trading houses of the Empire. Long ago, House Andromeda built the first true seafaring vessel, which would later become the galleys and frigates of the modern era. Since then, Andromeda has been one of the most dominant seafaring houses, which led directly to a rise in mercantilism. Over the years, House Andromeda has expanded their connections and helped discover many of the passes over and around the Andvari mountains, so that even during the lull of the frozen months, trade can continue and money streams into their house like a river.

House Andromeda is one of the richer of the twenty-two houses. They are heavily affiliated with House Orpheus, the main supplier of meats and furs, and House Perseus, one of the major mining houses. Andromeda’s insignia is known throughout the Empire as a symbol for trade and travel.

House Andromeda’s Anax is Memnon, an elderly man who is considered to be one of the most thoughtful advisers and Counselors, currently.

The Great House of Agamemnon

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